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Upper School 1973 & 1974 50th Reunion Gift

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Margie and Hank Hamlin Endowed Fund for International Student Support

The 50th Reunion Steering Board for the Upper School Classes of 1973 and 1974 overwhelmingly voted to fundraise in support of international student assistance. Our 50th Reunion gift will establish the Margie and Hank Hamlin Endowed Fund for International Student Support. Our class gift will ensure the long-term funding of international student support. Today’s international student assistance is a line item in the budget, dependent on Annual Fund fundraising each year, and covers only a fraction of the total need. We love the idea of creating an endowed fund that provides assurance that Principia can continue to be a beacon to young Christian Scientists from around the world.

For more detailed information, read the Class Gift Case Statement here.

Why are donations needed?

From basic everyday needs to the logistics that many of us take for granted, international students have additional expenses beyond those of domestic students. These expenses can range from winter clothing for students who hail from warm climates to staffing support for vacation periods when international students aren’t able to make the trip home.

What impact does my gift have?

As we toured and talked with current students, we learned that Principia is accepting more international students today due to the growth and interest in Christian Science abroad. Principia has been enrolling students from around the world for 125 years. This year, international students make up 26% of the Upper School student body, representing 14 countries. The world needs more graduates with the skills, knowledge, and spiritualized thought developed at Principia. Our class gift will provide ongoing funding to ensure these wonderful young adults go out to bless the world. All Principians benefit from a wider sharing of cultures, perspectives, and experiences among students. A gift supporting a robust international student program furthers Principia’s strategic goal to grow enrollment.

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Reunion Steering Board Co-Chairs

David Lovegren (US'73, CO'77)

Sue (Hyde) Wall (US'74, CO'78)

Steering Board

Alan Halfhill (US'73)

Robb Moretti (US'73, C'77)

Tom Parsons (US'74, C'78)

Cathie Trogdon (US'73, C'77)

Reunion Committee

Lois (Weaver) Argo (US'73, C'77)

Carol Carter (US'73, C'77)

Steve Clough (US'74, C'78)

Beth Cowley (US'74, C'78)

Steve DeWindt (US'73 C'77)

Betsy Hamlin (US'74 C'77)

Dana (Dreier) Lamont (US'74, C'78)

Wendy Wason (US'73, C'77)

Dave Zum Mallen (US'74, C'78)

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