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FY23 Solar Car

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Every year, Principia's solar car competes as a modern-day David in a world of engineering Goliaths. Harnessing the power of innovation, right ideas, teamwork, commitment, and cross-disciplinary expertise, Principia College’s small but mighty solar car program manages to excel in competitions against much larger engineering schools with seemingly unlimited budgets, such as Northwestern, Georgia Tech, and Purdue. Racing across the nation and around the world—in Texas, Australia, and Abu Dhabi—solar car team members represent Principia well with their commitment to excellence.

The team of student designers, drivers, mechanics, and assistants keep the goal of glorifying God foremost in thought by meeting logistical, performance, and safety challenges through the application and demonstration of Christian Science.

What impact does my gift have?

  • Provides the necessary supplies to assemble a safe, competitive, high-performance vehicle
  • Covers travel costs for students to participate in competitions nationally and around the world
  • Allows students to develop critical skills for a wide range of jobs post-graduation

Why give?

“The solar car presented me with many opportunities and taught me valuable lessons. Not only was it a fun experience, but it taught me how to address challenges and solve them efficiently. The race experience was invaluable, and I have applied the lessons I learned during the race to other aspects of my life.” —Michael Roher (C’16)

Why are donations needed?

While gifts of any size are useful for necessary supplies and equipment, they also cast a vote of confidence, which is felt, appreciated, and essential to the entire team.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!