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FY22 - Annual Fund

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What is the Annual Fund?

On a daily basis, Principia sparks creativity, transforms thinking, and lights up a world of ideas for hundreds of students. The Annual Fund sets inspiration and innovation in motion through student participation in an unexpected cultural opportunity, the purchase of new equipment or materials for exploring a concept, the allocation of funds to help faculty and students dive deeper into research, and so much more.

The Annual Fund also keeps the lights on, the grass mowed, and Dining Service's refrigerators stocked. From the essential to the extraordinary, the Annual Fund fuels students's learning and growth.

Help us to maximize students' unlimited potential with a gift to the Annual Fund!

Here are some of the ways we've put recent Annual Fund gifts to work:

  • Supporting STEM learning with the latest equipment and the finest faculty and facilities
  • Supporting the highly successful College mediation team's travel to tournaments
  • Offering competitive faculty salaries and professional development opportunities so that we can attract and retain exceptional teachers
  • Bringing guest speakers and educators who inspire students to both campuses
  • Keeping buildings and grounds in good repair

Why give?

“As parents, we see firsthand the good that is going on at Principia. And as donors….we cherish the opportunity to magnify that good by supporting a thriving and enduring Principia.” —Parents and Howardy Society co-chairs Jacquelyn (C’97) and Ryan Star (US’92, C’97)

Why are donations needed?

The Annual Fund supplies the essentials and the extraordinary! Gifts to the Annual Fund allow Principia to direct resources wherever the need is greatest and to respond nimbly when unexpected opportunities arise.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!